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A report by a United Nations panel indicted the United States 

for its history of “racial terrorism and inequality” and reaffirmed the need for 

reparations for African Americans. We spoke with Kamm Howard, of N-COBRA, 

the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America.

Nobody but Democrats and Republicans is allowed to take part in the nationally televised presidential and vice presidential debates. However, Democracy Now has been presenting “Expanded Debates” that allowed Green Party vice presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka to answer the same questions posed to the major party candidates. Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine were essentially in agreement about the conflict in Syria, both advocating for a “no fly zone” that could put the U.S. at war with Russia at any moment. Ajamu Baraka says the Democrats and Republicans are on a path towards global destruction.

Donald Trumps endless embarrassments make it less and less likely that he will become President of the United States. However, lots of people that claim to be progressives say they have no choice but to support Hillary Clinton because Trump will bring about a fascist regime in this country. Paul Street, the  historian and political analyst, isn’t buying that argument. He says the Democrats are engaged in scare-mongering.

Nate Parker’s film, “Birth of a Nation,” about Nat Turner’s 1831 rebellion against slavery, has been getting mixed reviews. Perhaps the movie’s biggest flaw is its failure to show Nat Turner as a revolutionary organizer. For that kind of information, we thought it was a good idea to present part of a speech, delivered this summer, by Dr. Melvin Peters, an associate professor of African American Studies at Eastern Michigan University.

By a slim margin, a deal to end Colombia’s half-century long war between the government and FARC guerillas was defeated in a referendum at the polls, earlier this month. Colombians of African descent and indigenous people have suffered most from the conflict, which has killed hundreds of thousands and displaced more than five million people from their homes. Mina- Rojas was disappointed with the vote, but not surprised.

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