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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton argued for 90 minutes at week’s presidential debate, but very little emerged in terms of concrete policy proposals. Trump and Clinton clashed over police stop-and- frisk policies, which were ruled unconstitutional as practiced in New York City. Trump said the country needs more stop-and- frisk. Clinton said it was an “ineffective” way to fight crime. For those who are not schooled in the law and the history of stop-and- frisk, the whole exchange might have seemed murky. So, we spoke with Chip Gibbons, the policy and legislative counsel for the Bill of Rights Defense Committee.

World War Three could start at any moment in Syria, where U.S. and Russian forces are arrayed on opposite sides of the battlefield. The Russian military is in Syria at the invitation of that country’s government. The U.S. is supporting Islamic jihadists, and last month killed 62 Syrian government soldiers that were under attack by ISIS. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has long pushed for a “no fly zone” over Syria – although she didn’t bring up the idea in last week’s debate with Donald Trump. The Green Party has been frozen  out of the televised debates. Ajamu Baraka, the Green Party’s vice presidential candidate, says peace wouldn’t stand much of a chance with Clinton in the White House.

While Trump and Clinton were debating each other at Hofstra University, in New York, Jitu Brown was among the protesters demonstrating outside. Brown is a leader of the Journey for Justice Alliance, made up of 40,000m activists in community organizations in 24 cities across the country. The Alliance demands “comprehensive equality” in education, and a national moratorium on charter schools.Journey for Justice Alliance, 40,000 active members of community organizations in 24 cities around the country. He was among the protesters at last week’s debate. The Journey for Justice Alliance platform demands a national moratorium on charters schools.
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