Welcome to the radio magazine that brings you news, commentary and analysis from a Black Left perspective. I’m Glen Ford, along with my co-host Nellie Bailey. Coming up: The United States is picking a fight with the two other big powers in the world, China and Russia. But, is the US overplaying its imperial hand? We’ll get an assessment from Dr. Anthony Monteiro. And, two women from the MOVE organization have been released from prison after 41 years behind bars. We’ll have details on their home-coming celebrations.

 Reparations is a hot topic in the Democratic presidential race. Although reparations has always been part of the African American agenda, only recently have mainstream white politicians endorsed the concept. The Burning Spear, the newspaper of the African People’s Socialist Party, recently re-released a radio documentary of the 1982 World Tribunal on Reparations to Black People, held in New York City. One of the featured speakers was Afeni Shakur, the former Black Panther and mother of Hip Hop legend, Tupac Shakur. Here’s her testimony, from 37 years ago.

 That was Afeni Shakur, the former Black Panther and member of the New York 21. Also speaking at that 1982 World Tribunal on Reparations to Black People, was Job Mashariki, of Black Veterans for Social Justice.

The 1982 World Tribunal on Reparations to Black People was organized by the African People’s Socialist Party, whose chairman--  then, and now -- is Omali Yeshitela. The politics of that era was deeply influenced by Malcolm X and others who urged Blacks to take their case against the United States to an international arena. Omali Yeshitela explains.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans seem intent on waging never-ending hostilities against the two other major powers on the planet: China and Russia, which have responded to US pressures by forming an even closer alliance. For an geopolitical analysis, we turned to Dr. Anthony Monteiro, the Duboisian scholar based in Philadelphia.

Two of the MOVE organization’s political prisoners have been released on parole after 41 years of incarceration. Janet Africa and Janine Africa are part of the MOVE 9, imprisoned in the death of a Philadelphia policeman, in 1978. Mumia Abu Jamal, who was also imprisoned in the death of a cop, has helped arrange a New York City welcome for Janet and Janine Africa. Activist Gwen DeBrow gives us some background on the MOVE organization.

 Four of the US activists that defended the Venezuelan embassy in Washington from takeover by Donald Trump’s hand-picked puppets, face up to a year in prison. Glen Ford has this report.

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