Kony is Like Kindergartner Compared to U.S. Ally Museveni

Lords’ Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony “looks like a kindergarten student compared to the crimes” of the man he has been fighting for decades, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, said Kambale Musavuli, of Friends of the Congo. President Museveni has been a U.S. ally and client since seizing power in 1986 with a guerilla force largely comprised of child soldiers. “Rather than holding the American government accountable for supporting a dictator who has committed more crimes than Kony and is still committing crimes as we speak, they are calling for military support for Museveni’s army and sending U.S. troops there,” said Musavuli. Uganda has been implicated by both the United Nations and the World Court in the deaths of some of the six million Congolese who have been killed since the mid-Nineties.

McKinney on “Build People’s Power Tour”

Former Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney has teamed with the International Action Center for a “Build People’s Power” campaign. “You can’t build a movement if people aren’t talking to each other,” said the former Green Party presidential candidate. “There is a kind of balkanization of the areas of protest.” The idea behind the tour, which has so far visited New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Los Angeles, is to bring various organizations into the same space to “plan an agenda, a calendar of actions that we’re going to do, and everybody participates,” said the former Georgia congresswoman.

Obama Not a Lesser Evil

“The Black Left cannot be rebuilt on the delusion of some ‘lesser of two evils,’” said Dr. Tony.Monteiro, professor of African American Studies at Temple University, in Philadelphia. “We have to fight to rebuild the historical Black politician consensus and a Black Left that is based on principle.” President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney “are like twins. We have to call for a boycott” of the presidential election, said Monteiro.

EEOC a “Cesspool of Racism and Corruption”

“If they can only find reasonable cause in racial complaints from African Americans and foreign born Blacks 3.5% of the time, that alone tells you what’s going on,” said Ricardo Jones, Sr., a former senior New York investigator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. “The perception at the EEOC is that all Black people lie,” said Jones. “Things got worse under Obama than Bush,” when “President Obama appointed his wife’s Harvard Law School girlfriend,” Jacqueline A. Berrien, as chairperson. “Because I wouldn’t take bribes and wouldn’t go along with the corruption, they fired me.”

Newark Protests Gain Momentum

Daily demonstrations for jobs, housing, education and justice have passed the nine-month mark, with a matching the 1955 Montgomery, Alabama Bus Boycott’s 381 days of protest. “Each day it seems the momentum picks up,” said Lee Herbert, political and human rights adviser to the local Utility Workers union. His members “see there’s somebody out there fighting on their behalf. I see a movement coming out of this, because you can’t stop after 381 days.”

Mumia Live from Outside Death Row

Political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal made his first live radio appearance since release from Pennsylvania’s death row into the general prison population. Speaking on Atty. Michael Coard’s program on Radio Station WURD, in Philadelphia, Abu Jamal recounted how ‘the police beat me right into the Black Panther Party” as a teenager in 1968.

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