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Bill Quigley - Libya

Center for Constitutional Rights, New Orleans. The U.S. government and corporate media tell Americans the attack on Libya was both legal and just. Quigley disagrees.

Mark Weisbrot - Haiti

Center for Economic and Policy Research, Washington, Just returned from a trip to Haiti. Sees no progress in alleviating the people’s suffering, and many setbacks in the cholera and housing crises.

Bahati Jackque - Congo

Africa Faith and Justice Network

Omali Yeshitela - BIB

Chairman, Black Is Back Coalition

Larry Hamm - BIB

President People’s Organization for Progress, Newark.

Monami Malik - BIB Immigrants

Executive director DRUM, Desis Rising Up and Moving.

Karen Lewis - Chicago Schools

President, Chicago Teachers Union

Dhoruba Bin Wahada - Mass Incarceration Dhoruba bin Wahada, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, speaking in Atlanta. Says mass Black incarceration is now a high profile topic.

Marsha Coleman-Adebay The woman at the center of the movement that brought passage of the No FEAR Act to protect whistleblowers in the federal work force, is preparing to do battle, once again. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo says the man who fired her from the Environmental Protection Agency, and who was later promoted to head the agency’s civil rights office, Rafael DeLeon, is continuing to abuse women employees.

Roger Wareham - Zimbabwe Roger Wareham, New York-base human rights lawyer, an organizer of the August 13 Millions Harlem March against the bombing of Libya and sanctions against Zimbabwe. Wareham says that, just as the U.S. and Europe have demonized Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi, in the same way they have spread lies about Zimbabwe, over the years.

Omali Yeshitela, chairman of the Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations. On August 20 International Day of Action Against the “Other Wars” – the ones waged against Africa and African people.

How have preparations been going?

Sanchez Garzoli - Colombia Free Trade Gemina Sanchez-Garzoli, Washington Office on Africa. A so-called “Free Trade” treaty with Colombia will likely come up for a vote in the U.S. Congress, in September. Sanchez Garzoli explains the many ways that the agreement will harm Colombians, especially Black and Indigenous people.

Dr Finch - African Civilization Dr. Charles Finch III, scholar of African antiquity, medical doctor, and author, on Your World News with Solomon Comissiong, from College Park, Maryland. Dr. Finch is preparing for the second “Nile Valley Conference” at Morehouse College, in Atlanta. The first “Nile Valley Conference” was held 18 years ago, also at Morehouse. What would Dr. Finch says to those who claim civilization began, not in Africa, but in the “fertile crescent” of Asia?

Today's show focuses on:

McKinney: NATO Bombs Libya Water Facilities

August 20 Action on “Other Wars”

De-Professionalizing Teachers Through Charter Schools

Prison Hunger Strike Raised Consciousness

Mass Incarceration Not Driven By Crime

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